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Quick Start Guides

The T9261 uses a modern HTML5-embedded Web server for user configuration. Users can connect to the T-21 device via Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) port 1 or GigE port 2. GigE port 1 is factory defaulted to DHCP and GigE port 2 is factory defaulted to

The T9261-D supports the multicast DNS zero configuration (zeroconf) host naming scheme. T-21 devices are addressable using their hostname (serial number) on a local area network. The zeroconf access is enabled (default) for GigE port 1. Zeroconf is disabled (default) for GigE port 2, though users can change the enabled zeroconf port in the HOST/Ethernet tab in the GUI. Zeroconf allows users to enter the device’s serial number followed by “.local/” to resolve a device’s web page with an unknown DHCP-issued IP address.
9261-00404.local/” will resolve to the T-21 device with serial number 9261-00404 without knowing the devices IP Address. Zeroconf will also work with ping and ssh.

Type the T-21 serial number into the URL modal in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Edge.

Below: URL after entering the serial number.

Type the T-21 Address into the URL modal in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Edge.

Bellow: URL after entering the IP Address.

The T-21 Monitor finds T-21 devices on a local area network. Click on the IP Address of a T-21 device to resolve to its web page.