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T-21 Software


T-21 device fleet Management Application

Nest is a cloud based server side application that facilitates remote monitoring and control of T-21 SDI Encoders, SDI Decoders and HDR Decoders. Nest integrates a VPN for secure connection of the T-21 devices and the server. Data communication to and from the T-21 devices and Nest leverages both SNMP and REST. Nest provides device grouping, provisioning, control and monitoring of your fleet of T-21 devices.

T-23 to NEST Configuration

HLS Scrubber

Chrome extension for HLS m3u8 URL extraction.

T21 Monitor & T21 Finder

Discover T-21 devices connected to your local area network.

*Monitor and Finder tool uses AVAHI multicast discovery of device name.
Factory default for discovery is on GIGE1.