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About T-21 Technologies

T-21 devices support Decoding, Transcoding, Encoding, Recording and Network Protocol Translation of Streaming Media over private and public IP networks.

Markets served include – Broadcast, OTT streaming media, corporate, military, law enforcement, medical, house of worship, security and intelligent transportation systems.


Kevin Ancelin

In September of 2014, Broadcast Industry veteran Kevin Ancelin founded T-21 with Intelligent Transportation Systems industry veteran Mehdi Daryadel. They committed to T-21 full time in July of 2015. T-21’s first product, the T9261-D HEVC Ultra HD platform began shipping in September of 2015.

Prior to founding T-21, Ancelin co-founded Adtec Productions Incorporated and worked there for 28-years serving in numerous roles including VP Operations, SVP Business Development, VP Sales and President. Kevin Ancelin graduated from the University of Central Florida in May of 1986.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering technology with a focus on embedded computing platforms. In January 2019, T-21 was acquired from VITEC. Outside the US, T-21 support and sales channels remained independent thru EMEA distributor Smart Video Group (


Hansgeorg Lichte

Since the very early days of T-21, Hansgeorg had been building and operating the European presence of T‑21. Being located in Unterföhring near Munich/Germany and being connected to the Broadcasting world for many years, Hansgeorg was and is continuously providing technical support facilities and access to the Broadcast market for Europe and the Middle East.

Hansgeorg is responsible for Business Development of T-21 and operating the reseller network “east of the Atlantic”. Hansgeorg has been an innovator in digital media since the early nineties and holds several degrees in media and marketing communication before he operated his own television station for many years. He is 100% shareholder in Smart Video Group ( which was founded in 2012.